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National Professional Employer Organization Agency
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 RenaissanceHR is a national independent agency representing the best and most established Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) in the country. Like all great inventions and ideas, RenaissanceHR™ was spawned out of necessity. Rising taxes and labor cost made it difficult for entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized companies to thrive or even stay in business. As a result, the concept of outsourcing was introduced in the early 80s. Companies primarily outsourced to reduce peripheral costs and "non-core" business expenses; including, taxes, high energy costs, government regulations, mandates, production and labor costs so they can focus on increasing revenue. This concept proved to be successful and eventually evolved into a new industry. The Professional Employer Organization (PEO) industry followed as business owners began to realized that administration and the paperwork that was required to be compliant with government regulations was extremely time-consuming and the least rewarding part of being an entrepreneur. With the help of a PEO, business owners can focus on the product or service that inspired them to start their own company.

The company name, RenaissanceHR™, was inspired by Neerie’s nickname, “The Renaissance Man”, coined by friends because of his wide interests and expertise in many areas, including music, art, literature and sports.

Neerie Kolehma
Founder & President