RenaissanceHR offers the best business strategies, options and solutions for entrepreneurs everywhere

RenaissanceHR provides small to medium-sized companies with business strategies, options and solutions for the purposes of controlling labor costs and streamlining administration duties, allowing the entrepreneur to free themselves of non-revenue generating tasks, providing them with time so they can focus on their core business and increasing revenue and profitability.




Who We Are

RenaissanceHR is a national independent agency representing the best and most reputable Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) in the country. As a premier agency, Renaissance HR has developed and retained strong business relationships with the top PEOs and many of the niche-market ones as well. We provide strategies and options for small and medium -sized businesses all over America to improve their efficiency and costs associated with payroll, workers’ compensation insurance, human resources, taxes and employee benefits. Our prime objective is to help business owners manage their day-to-day administrative tasks, responsibilities, and the obligations mandated by the government while controlling labor costs. The employer can focus on their core business and the tasks that generate revenue. We’re proud of our success and the role that we played in helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses over the last decade and we can help your business too. So, whatever your challenges may face, RenaissanceHR has a solution! Call today for a fee evaluation.

Benefits of PEO Service

  • Control and better manage labor costs
  • Receive professional guidance on legal compliance
  • Reduce administration costs and human resource duties
  • Focus on your core business
  • Attract and retain great employees by providing the benefits of a large company
  • Gain additional time to effectively manage, grow and position your company for success

Your Business is Unique

Every business is different and unique in its own way and every company has its own unique set of problems and challenges. RenaissanceHR knows this and that’s why we customize every package that we offer. Our experience provides us with the insight and knowledge that we’re able to help all segments of today’s workforce and we’ll deliver a proposal presentation only after completely evaluating your unique circumstances, then researching and determining the best strategy for your business. No cookie-cutter solutions. Every variable will be factored in before placing your company with the right PEO. Strategic alliances are very important in the business world and matching your company to the right provider is very important to us because it’s paramount to your success.

The Right Choice for Your Company

Too often small to medium-sized business owners are not prepared for the laborious daily tasks that are necessary to run their company, yet don’t have any positive impact on revenue. Training employees is costly and time-consuming and still doesn’t guarantee to be the right solution or even a permanent one.  RenaissanceHR has an outstanding reputation as a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) agency associated with some of the best PEO providers in the country. With proven successes, unprecedented client retention and an instinct for pairing the right provider for any business, RenaissanceHR, has become a premier agency in South Florida.

While most PEO’s offer similar benefits such as Workers’ compensation, payroll, tax administration, benefits and human resources, not all have the working relationships with the providers that make it the right option for you. Years of specialized training and experience combined with extreme professionalism and a network of top experts in the industry sets RenaissanceHR above the rest.  

Founded by Neerie Kolehma, UM graduate with a Masters in Business Administration and certified insurance agent, RenaissanceHR promotes a positive “can do” culture amongst its staff members. They take pride in their work and truly enjoy helping other companies and their employees thrive and succeed in their respective fields, too. RenaissanceHR is a trusted-worthy and loyal PEO agency capable of providing your company with the best strategies, options and solutions. Let us assume the daily tasks and responsibilities related to controlling labor costs, taxes and payroll and you can concentrate on revenue and sales. Do what you do best…we’ll do the rest!

RenaissanceHR has successfully placed thousands of employees with some of the best Professional Employer Organizations in the industry and we’ll find the right one for you, too!